Musician and composer since childhood, Lung’s poetry is a French artist living in Lyon, capital of French gastronomy. Born in Colombia, she realised at a very young age the importance of communicating through different languages and through music.

This young multi-instrumentalist (piano, flute and electronic instruments) creates a varied musical universe influenced by classical, rap/hip-hop, swing, pop and film music.

With a soulful, deeply rhythmic voice, her lyrics are used as a formidable weapon to raise awareness of societal issues such as co-existence, listening to others, critical thinking and self-knowledge. She sings in the language of Shakespeare as well as in the language of Molière. 

“At a time when current events seem to divide us, we’d better go back to what unites us: music.”

Her first EP “Widen Your Horizon” is a journey where listeners can navigate through a wide variety of musical genres inspired by eclectic influences. Lung’s poetry’s deep interest in music led her to learn the flute at a very young age and later to become self-taught on the piano. She then discovered electronic instruments which allow her to express with more nuance the different melodies in her head. 

This strong will to reveal her musical identity has given birth to a little artistic gem.  

During the first lockdown she came up with the idea of recording an album. After completing her crowdfunding, the project became even more real when she was faced with a major challenge: recording 5 tracks in 4 days: the instrumental tracks (piano, flute, strings, drums) and the vocals (main and backing vocals) which she performs entirely and by herself (except for the drums).

The album will finally be released in late October 2021 on all music platforms. She now mainly performs in the Lyon area to share her musical universe. The album was recorded in the famous “traboules”, a term referring to the secret passageways in the heart of Vieux Lyon. The Kasanostra studio helped her with great benevolence.

After many years of playing in different bands (punk rock, folk, reggae roots) and at the conservatory (classical music), she finally decided to share her vision of the world, her advice for living in harmony and embarked on this artistic journey.

“Composition is an inevitable art for those who want to express the ineffable.

Live shows

Following a few concerts in the Lyon region, Lung’s poetry met two talented musicians: Noïbe (guitarist) and Untakt (drummer, percussionist). This common passion for music reveals a new sensitivity.

Untakt – Drummer with diverse influences such as rap, hip hop, reggae, dub, rock, jazz, traditional percussion, he likes to punctuate the poetry of Lung’s poetry. Bringing back to the earth, to better give wings, he is nourished by human sharing, sound, and the energy of the moment.

Noïbe – Guitarist influenced by reggae, he accompanies the voice of Lung’s poetry through rhythms and melodies. He does not hesitate to mark the counter-time with passion on the “one drop” of Untakt’s drums. He also likes to create ambiences with delay and tremolo to bring depth to the piano of Lung’s poetry.

These three artists now often perform together at various events (festivals, openings) in acoustic or electrified form. Made of marble or the strongest of stones, the composition and interpretation of Lung’s poetry will not leave you unmoved.

A flagship track about burnout

In July 2022, Lung’s poetry won a music contest on the Fiverr platform. This gave her the opportunity to make her first video for the song Golden Kingdom about burnout. How did she come up with this idea?

Discover the video

The song Golden Kingdom is about burn out. This subject is very close to my heart because it is the insidious evil eating away at our society.

The very committed lyrics denounce a society that sacrifices men and women to make them build ‘golden kingdoms’. The enslaved men and women are writhing on the ground, asphyxiated by time, this oxygen with limited resources. Dreams are extinguished and conditioning hardens. We evolve in this system and yet voices are raised trying to find their place, animated by a hope that has been unavowed for so long.

Anger rumbles, the ant-hill of men and women awakes and expresses the desire to live one last time before dying.

I first dreamt of this video clip as a Wizard of Oz that would go from black and white to colour. Like Brazil, a film adaptation of George Orwell’s novel, it would allow viewers to see the heroes embody their work under the aegis of this great hourglass of life, counting the hours of our existence. The spectator would thus experience their own catharsis, through the heroes’ breathlessness in the face of their work, their exhaustion. They could then understand that this video clip is a mirror of their existence and their conditioned choices. The last part of the clip would show a breath of air, the appearance of colour in the image representing the heroes’ moment of lucidity. Their understanding of their tormentors, of themselves. 

This video clip is a message of hope for all those suffering from overwork, from the rush of life, from lack of time. A message telling them that their lives matter. That they can make it. Take care of yourself.