PAKO Music

Article on the Italien online newspaper PAKO Music

6 January 2024
DMN Radio

Interview by the French Radio DMN Radio

23 September 2023
Last Day Deaf

Article on the music webzine Last Day Deaf

6 January 2023
Nomination to the Music Video festival Clip de Paname

Golden Kingdom music video nominated

24 June 2023

Article on the online music news journal ActuaNews.

23 February 2022
La Voix du Jura

Press article in the French newspaper La Voix du Jura

7 April 2022
Power Ace Radio

Duplex interview on the British web radio Power Ace.

24 February 2022

Article on the Brazilian newspaper RocknBold

2 December 2022

Spotlight on the Brazilian online newspaper SodaPop.

15 February 2022